Training school in Participatory Methods

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Our ASF-STOP Training School on “Participatory methods to evaluate and improve the surveillance and control measures for African swine fever in wild boar in affected and at-risk countries” brought together 24 participants from 17 different countries. At the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) in Germany, they were introduced to the basic principles of participatory epidemiology. With practical application examples and plenty of group work exercises, they got a feeling for the benefits, the difficulties and the limitations of participatory methods.

Within the research field of ASF, several topics were identified for which the implementation of participatory methods could be useful to gather new information and to support the control of the disease in wild boar. As a result, three countries are currently cooperating and designing a participatory study to involve hunters in control measures and several other countries are planning studies together. 

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