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Animal diseases constitute a continuing threat to animal health, food safety, national economy, and the environment. Among those, African swine
A new laboratory procedure, with high sensitivity and specificity, has been developed by our COST action members for the contemporary
The registration and abstract submission for our final conference are now open! Hope to see many of you in Brescia
Although ASF is typically associated with very high case fatality rates, a certain proportion of infected animals will recover from
Some of our members from FLI, together with colleagues from Greifswald University, recently published a paper on the influence of
Our final conference is approaching (29-30 January 2020), abstract deadline and registration will open soon and the dedicated tab has
At page 12 of the latest EWDA newsletter you'll find an article by our vice leader Francisco Ruiz-Fons with an
In Serbia, official representatives from the Forest Service, Veterinary Directorate, Veterinary Chamber of Serbia and the Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi
An update on the FAO initiatives since May this year. More information can be found following the links below.EUROPEFAO organized
Good news from Estonia. Some of our members just published a paper in Scientific Reports showing that surveillance of the