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The ASF-Stop managment comittee

The Management Committee (MC) of COST Actions consists of up to two members from each of the Participating COST Countries/ COST Cooperating members. The MC members and MC substitutes are nominated by the COST National Coordinator (CNC) of the participating country. The Management Committee of ASF-STOP is formed by 53 representatives of the 28 participating countries, it has also 29 substitute MC members, and observers (with no voting rights), 3 from Near Neighbour Countries (Russia, Albania and Ukraine), one from the European Commission and one from the European Food Safety Authority.

The MC meets at least once per year and maintains communication via email. The MC coordinate and organise the scientific and networking activities to achieve the ASF-STOP objectives. The MC also agrees by majority vote on budgetary and strategic decisions.

The Core Group

The Core group of ASF-STOP is a subgroup of the MC. Its role is to collect information and prepare proposals to facilitate decision-making by the MC. The Core group may also make minor decisions with mandate from the MC.

The Core group of ASF-STOP is formed by the Cost Action Chair, Dolores Gavier-Widén, Vice-Chair Francisco Ruiz-Fons, WG1 Leader María Montoya and Vice-Leader Marie-Frédérique Le Potier, WG2 Leader Chris Walzer and Vice-Leader Tomasz Podgorski, WG3 Leader Silvia Bellini and Vice-Leader Frank Koenen, WG4 Leader Karl Ståhl and Vice-Leader Fernando Boinas, WG5 Leader Laura Iacolina and Vice-Leader Grzegorz Woźniakowski, STSM Coordinator Carlos G. das Neves and Vice-Coordinator Willie Loeffe.