Publicly available documents

Dissemination of the results is a key objective within the network to ensure synergism within the Action and availability, to both Action members and stakeholders, of state of the art methodologies in the monitoring and contingency of ASF (for further details on the Dissemination Plan, please see section below).

For this reason we have grouped in this page relevant documents and information on African Swine Fever, that will be regularly updated as soon as new information are available.

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Scientific publications

In this section Open Access scientific products related to the Action or WG participants are downloadable.

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Scientific article on ASF virus isolates in Congo11/08/2017
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Information to the public

Here you can find information on several aspects of African swine fever, going from the virus and the disease itself to its transmission, but also practical suggestions on how to act to prevent its spread and the European regulations concerning the disease. Documents in this section have been developed within the Action or by our partners (see table for details) and, in some case, are available in multiple languages.

File NameTypeDateDetails
Information on ASF for hunters (in German)Flyer01/23/2018
ASF spread preventionFlyer01/23/2018
African and Classical Swine Fever informationFlyer01/23/2018
Ramon y Cajal fellowship 2017Fellowship12/20/2017
Invitation to stakeholders to join ASF-STOPWord file07/27/2017
African Swine Fever in wild boar and African wild SuidsFlyer10/24/2017
Information on African Swine Fever - multi languageFlyer11/29/2017
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