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Publicly available documents

Dissemination of the results is a key objective within the network to ensure synergism within the Action and availability, to both Action members and stakeholders, of state of the art methodologies in the monitoring and contingency of ASF (for further details on the Dissemination Plan, please see section below).

For this reason we have grouped in this page relevant documents and information on African Swine Fever, that will be regularly updated as soon as new information are available.

File NameDateDetails
ASF-STOP Dissemination Plan06/01/2016
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Scientific publications

In this section Open Access scientific products related to the Action or WG participants are downloadable.

Publication NameDateDetails
ASF book
Role of carcases in ASF transmission
Vaccine development05/18/2020
Road kills in ASF detection04/30/2020
European soft ticks04/23/2020
Abstract book of our Final Conference04/20/2020
Mathematical modelling of ASF spread04/09/2020
Impact of forestry and leisure activities on wild boar movement03/06/2020
No hasty solutions for African swine fever02/08/2020
Viral DNA - Host nucleus interaction for vaccine development02/04/2020
Better understanding to support the development of a vaccine02/04/2020
European soft ticks in ASF12/11/2019
Disease dynamics in experimentally infected wild boar10/08/2019
An update on ASF virology10/01/2019
New laboratory procedure for the simultaneous detection of ASF and CSF viruses09/16/2019
Lack of evidence for long term carriers for ASF08/29/2019
Role of scavengers in ASF spread08/22/2019
Analysis of Estonian surveillance in wild boar suggests a decline in the incidence of African swine fever06/27/2019
First Oral Vaccination of Eurasian Wild Boar Against African Swine Fever Virus Genotype II05/09/2019
Epidemiological considerations on African swine fever in Europe 2014–201801/11/2019
Stable flies as ASFV vector01/10/2019
ASF outbreak investigation11/19/2018
The intracellular proteome of African swine fever virus10/04/2018
Relevant Measures to Prevent the Spread of African Swine Fever in the European Union Domestic Pig Sector05/31/2018
Identification of Wild Boar–Habitat Epidemiologic Cycle in African Swine Fever Epizootic04/11/2018
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Information to the public

Here you can find information on several aspects of African swine fever, going from the virus and the disease itself to its transmission, but also practical suggestions on how to act to prevent its spread and the European regulations concerning the disease. Documents in this section have been developed within the Action or by our partners (see table for details) and, in some case, are available in multiple languages.

File NameTypeDateDetails
Biosecurity for backyard farms (Serbian)flyer10/19/2020
Poster on biosecurity for hunters (French)Poster10/19/2020
Biosecurity for hunters (French)Poster10/19/2020
Information for hunter (French)flyer10/19/2020
Wild boar carcass detection (French)flyer10/19/2020
IDVet BrochureBrochure08/05/2019
The role of outdoor farms in the spread of African swine fever in EuropeWeb publication, The Pig Site11/11/2019
Minimum biosecurity measures in outdoor productionWeb publication, The Pig Site12/05/2019
Characterising outdoor pig production in EuropeWeb publication, The Pig Site11/25/2019
Biosecurity in farmsFlyer02/05/2020
EWDA Summer 2019 newsletterNewsletter08/07/2019
Awareness campain in Serbia (in Serbian)Poster07/03/2019
How to prevent ASF in non-commercial farmsflyer05/07/2019
Final conference first annoucementAnnouncement04/09/2019
El jabalì y la PPAEditorial07/06/2018
Information for travellers, multilingualFlyer06/11/2018
Information for farmers (in Serbian)Flyer06/11/2018
Information for hunters (in Serbian)Flyer06/11/2018
Article on the protection of the Spanish pig sectorOutreach article06/01/2018
Newsletter EWDA winter 2017Newsletter06/01/2018
Factsheet for hunters (in English)Flyer04/10/2018
African Swine Fever infected domestic pigsPhoto02/01/2018
African Swine Fever infected wild boarPhoto02/01/2018
Pictures of ASF lesionsPhoto01/26/2018
Information on ASF for hunters (in German, French and Italian)Flyer03/16/2018
File NameTypeDateDetails